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(The theory of transcendental idealism that Kant developed in the Critique of Pure Reason is not traditional idealism and the Critique's second part even argues against traditional idealism.) His father's stroke and subsequent death in 1746 interrupted his studies.

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J’avais du mal à sortir de chez moi (…) Un jour je suis tombé dans la rue… Enfant, je m'étais construit un mur pour me protéger, je gardais tout, je n'évacuais pas mes angoisses ni mes traumatismes.

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A girl can be both in touch with her feelings and still be a total badass. It apparently never occurred to Helga that it would be a whole lot easier to win Arnold’s love if she were…hmm, what’s the word? But Helga was totally ruled by her emotions, and that’s perfectly cool! No girl should be considered “perfect.” Olga’s “perfection” made Helga really insecure about her own lack of femininity, but the expectation to be perfect really affected Olga too.

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Luckily she was in bath, completely naked and prepared for his revenge.

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