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Target dating magazine

Maybe I’ve just grown pickier as I age and, apparently, so have the men I’ve met online. ) that I’ve been on have been meet-and-greets, one-and-dones, either on my part or his.

But after one or even a few dates, they avoid making plans to meet again.

Instead, they throw you “breadcrumbs” by liking your social media posts or sending you a friendly good morning text.

This “dating for growth” is what relationship expert Nicole Moore espouses because with each encounter you really do grow in terms of self-awareness.

And I follow the advice of dating and relationship guru Rori Raye, who believes in circular dating: “Date at least three, keep the focus on me and treat them all equally” until one steps up to the plate.

The zombie will try to get back into your life by following you on Instagram and Twitter. Slow fade— It’s a bit like ghosting and can be just as painful.

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I’ve been to pricey restaurants and downhome dives.Although none of these dates has resulted in a long-term relationship for one reason or another, I feel I have learned something about myself from each and every one of them.

Breadcrumbing— You meet someone, they seem to like you and you like them.They love sending flirtatious texts in the hopes of catching a date with you.Then when you finally agree, they lose interest and release you to find their next target. Ghosting— This one’s been around for a while and therefore is the most well-known dating term, and perhaps the most painful.It refers to when someone you’ve been dating suddenly vanishes without a trace, like a ghost.They don’t return texts or calls, and may even block you so they don’t have to have the break-up conversation. Zombie-ing— On the opposite side of the ghosting coin, zombies resurface again, often acting like nothing happened.’ve been divorced for four years now and dating online for three. In my initial naiveté after I decided I was ready to try, I thought I’d have a great, wonderful, exciting new significant other within three months. I know that can happen quickly for some online daters, but for me, the process has been much slower.