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Paralegals dating service

About the Firm: Zinda Law Group is a rapidly growing Plaintiff's firm.

Our clients and our dedication to doing great legal work always come first.

We handle catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout the United States with a focus in Texas, Colorado, and Arizona.

Successful teammates in this role possess a high-level of multi-tasking and project management abilities, are very detail-oriented, have exceptional organizational and time management skills, have a "can do" attitude, are flexible and adaptable to change, are independent thinkers, and most of all, are strong team-players. Put simply, its more than just a job - it's a lifestyle.

Paralegals with Da Vita have the opportunity to contribute in a way that makes a positive impact in the lives of thousands!

Position Title: Business Transactional Attorneys Date Posted: Feb 08, 2018 Expiration Date: Mar 31, 2018 Contact Email: [email protected] Description: LAC Legal is seeking experienced Business Transactional Attorneys for placement at a growing firm in the Denver Tech Center!

Firm Philosophy: We treat everyone with dignity and respect.It is our belief that every member of our team is valuable and should have the opportunity for a financially and personally fulfilling career.

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This post is in no way aimed at all freelance paralegals or others with non-lawyer designations, such as LLLTs (Limited License Legal Technicians), LDPs (Legal Document Preparers) or LDAs (Legal Document Assistants), or those working in a limited capacity in a specific area in the few states where that is allowed. You run high-caliber, ethical businesses and are incredibly mindful of the way you project yourself, and your paralegal business, publicly. Aside from the aforementioned 99%, the remaining (incredibly loosely estimated) 1% of paralegals, it seems, may consist of some shifty folks who tend to straddle the ethical lines. A paralegal soliciting legal services to members of the general public is not only unethical; it is illegal.We are also committed to innovative crime prevention and intervention initiatives.Our staff partners with community groups, social service providers, medical professionals, private industry leaders and law enforcement officers to address a variety of public safety issues.The traditional paralegals and the legitimate freelancers. I’m here to address the other 99% of individuals who are proud as hell to work as paralegals. Follow up with a comment to ask whether or not this lovely person is holding his or her “services” out to members of the general public and working without the supervision of an attorney. It may fall on the deaf ears of a Rogue Paralegal operating under a RPM (Rogue Paralegal Model), but other paralegals will proudly stand up with you. We must rise up, and make our voices heard, when we see unethical folks roaming through our profession with their dirty feet. Report unethical conduct to your local paralegal association’s Ethics Director (that’s me, in Indiana), a national Ethics Board, or the proper authorities in your state, which could include the bar association, disciplinary commission, or attorney general’s office. We will educate every newbie paralegal across the nation that we will not stand for you potentially dragging them down with you. Me, you, and every paralegal walking down Ethical Paralegal Boulevard with coveted visions of a big bonus, one-way ticket to a beach cabana with an on-call masseuse, a drink fetcher, and a dream. Newbies will realize and recognize this conduct is unethical and avoid it like a deadline at on a Friday. If unsure who to approach, ask a respected paralegal. This position requires a can-do attitude and a willingness to do whatever needs to be done to help the team.